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About Us

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Sharnette Hallenbeck

We are Independent Insurance agents that providing Life insurance, mortgage protection, and final expense to name a few in Texas and Ohio and through affiliated partnerships in all 50 states.

Sharnette started My Life Family Agency because she watched 5 people pass away and none of them had Life Insurance in place. She had to watch as those families struggle to make ends meet and some lost their home. She decided right then to open My Life Family Agency to help families get the coverage they need.

We believe in putting our clients first, we work diligently with them to find a plan that meets all of their needs.

About Me

Sharnette is an Independent Insurance agent providing life insurance, mortgage protection, and final expense in Texas and Ohio. I am currently working on getting my license in other states. I believe in putting my clients first I work diligently with them to find a plan that meets all of their needs.

I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and accredited with the Better Business Bureau. I have four children one daughter and three sons, two nieces, two nephews and one granddaughter. You will find me entertaining family and friends, cooking/baking, or reading when not assisting clients. I went to culinary school and opened bakery out of my home for 5 years before getting into insurance.

Sharnette Hallenbeck
Insurance Broker - Mortgage Protection, Life, And Final Expense
NPN 19966783
Cell (830) 837-8729